Small Plates (Veg)

▸ crispy pastry filled with seasoned roasted potatoes & green peas

▸ sweet yogurt, tamarind chutney, crispy crackers, potatoes, chickpeas, black salt

▸ garlic butter naan, served with masala butter sauce, fried papadam

▸ veggie burger, american cheese, lettuce, onion, chat masala, fried papadam

▸ crispy cauliflower, garlic, mustard seeds, curry leaves

▸ crispy eggplant, sweet yogurt, tamarind chutney, onion, cilantro, chickpeas, chat masala

▸ cottage cheese, onions, green peppers black pepper, sweet & sour sauce

▸ chopped spinach, carrots, cream cheese, mint chutney

▸ spicy potato cake, mint & tamarind

Small Plates (Non-Veg)

Kheema Samosa 7
▸ minced lamb wrapped in a thin crust pyramid pastry

Chicken 65 10
▸ onions, green peppers, curry leaves, sweet & sour, butter pao

Bombay River Chicken Slider 10
▸ chicken pattie, melted cheese, lettuce, onion, chat masala, fried papadam

Lasooni Crab Masala 10
▸ onions, black pepper, garlic sauce, butter pao

Garlic Pepper Butter Shrimp10
▸ shrimp, green pepper, onions, curry leaves, butter pao


Murg Tikka Fajitas 18
▸ chicken kabab, onions, bell peppers, flour tortillas, jasmine rice, black beans, sour cream, mint chutney

Lamb Kabab Fajitas 20
▸ lamb boti Kabab, onions, bell peppers, flour tortillas, jasmine rice, black beans, sour cream, mint chutney

Shrimp Tandoori Fajitas 20
▸ Tandoori shrimp, onions, bell peppers, flour tortillas, jasmine rice, black beans, sour cream, mint chutney

Pudina Paneer Makhmali 18
▸ cottage cheese kabab, mint, flour tortillas, jasmine rice, black beans, sour cream, mint chutney

Combo Fajitas 22
▸ Any 2 from above, onions, bell peppers, flour tortillas, white rice, black beans, sour cream, mint chutney


served with side portion of basmati cumin rice

Murg Tikka 18
▸ boneless chicken marinated, yogurt, ginger, garlic, spices

Angare Chicken 19
▸ boneless chicken in spicy fresh basil marinade

Chicken Makhmali 20
▸ boneless chicken breast marinated white pepper, yogurt, array of herbs, spices

Pudina Paneer Makhmali 18
▸ cottage cheese kabab, mint, ginger, garlic, coriander, green peppers, onions

Veg Trio 19
▸ paneer makhmali, samosa & veg slider

Tandoori Chicken 17
▸ half chicken-on-bone, onions, yogurt, array of herbs, spices

Nawabi Shammi Kabab 19
▸ awadhi-style lamb kabab, ginger, garlic, spices

Lamb Chops 24
▸ lamb chops marinated with aromatic Indian herbs

Salmon Tikka 22
▸ salmon marinated, ginger, garlic, cumin, garam masala

Tandoori Jumbo Shrimp 22
▸ marinated, ginger, garlic, array of herbs, spices

Trio Platter 24
▸ murg tikka, shammi kabab, tandoori shrimp


Basmati Cumin Rice 4

Veg Pulao 8
▸ basmati rice, diced carrots, green peas

Vegetable Biryani 14
▸ basmati rice cooked with fresh vegetables, special biryani masala

Chicken Biryani 16
▸ basmati rice cooked with chicken, onions, ginger, garlic, special biryani masala

Lamb Biryani 18
▸ tender pieces of lamb cooked with basmati rice, onions, ginger, special biryani masala

Shrimp Biryani 20
▸ basmati rice cooked with shrimp and delicate light spices


served with side portion of basmati cumin rice

Chicken Tikka Masala 18
▸ creamy tomato gravy, fenugreek, ginger, garlic, cinnamon

Chicken Chef Wala 18
▸ home style indian chicken curry, ginger, garlic, curry powder, cinnamon

Chicken Kadhai 18
▸ chicken tossed in green pepper, onion, tomato, turmeric, garam masala

Chicken Saagwala 20
▸ spinach puree with chicken, ginger, garlic, cumin seeds, cloves, turmeric

Murg ka Korma 20
▸ creamy chicken, turmeric, ginger, garlic, coriander seeds, cloves, cinnamon

Chicken Butter Masala 18
▸ chicken, onions, ginger, garlic, butter, tomato sauce, fenugreek

Duck Masala 24
▸ duck, ginger, garlic, coconut milk, tellicherry pepper, fenugreek

Lamb korma 20
▸ lamb in a creamy gravy, onion, turmeric, coriander seeds, cloves, cinnamon

Lamb Roganjosh 20
▸ lamb cooked in a kashmiri gravy, ginger, garlic, cardamom

Crab coco Curry 24
▸ southern style Crab, onions, tellicherry pepper, coconut milk

Goat Chef Wala 20
▸ onions, ginger, garlic, garam masala, cumin, cloves

Lamb Butter Masala 20
▸ creamy tomato sauce, ginger, garlic, dry fenugreek

Shrimp Malai Malai 22
▸ shrimp, onions, garlic, cumin seeds, coconut milk

Salmon Curry 22
▸ salmon, onion sauce, ginger, garlic, with curry leaves


served with side portion of basmati cumin rice

Hara Paneer Kofta 17
▸ paneer dumpling, spinach, mustard seeds, onion gravy

Paneer Manpasanda 16
▸ grilled paneer in a spiced tomato gravy, ginger, garlic, fenugreek

Bhagarey Baigan 16
▸ baby eggplant in an aromatic sauce, peanuts, sesame seeds, coconut

Paneer Korma 17
▸ paneer in a creamy sauce, cumin, ginger, garlic, garam masala

Baingan Masala 15
▸ eggplant grilled, onions, green peas, cumin, ginger, cilantro

Aloo Gobi Adraki 15
▸ cauliflower and potato stir fried, ginger, cumin, coriander

Chana Punjabi 15
▸ white chickpeas tempered with onion, tomatoes and spices

Navratan Korma 16
▸ mélange of mixed vegetables in a mild creamy gravy

Bhindi Do Pyazaa 15
▸ onions, tomato, ginger, garlic, dry mango powder, whole red chilli

Dal Makhmali 14
▸ slow-cooked black lentils with herbs & indian spices

Dal Tadka 14
▸ tempered yellow lentils with ginger, garlic, tomato, fresh coriander, desi ghee


Butter Naan 3
▸ traditional white bread, baked in the tandoor

Tandoori Roti 3
▸ whole wheat bread baked in the tandoor

Garlic Naan 4
▸ unleavened bread, fresh garlic

Mirchi Naan 5
▸ bread stuffed with fresh garlic and green chili

Lacha Parantha 5
▸ whole wheat layered tandoori bread

Rosemary Naan 5
▸ bread topped with rosemary

Onion Kulcha 6
▸ scrumptious unleavened bread stuffed with onions and spices

Aloo Paratha 6
▸ whole wheat bread stuffed with delicately spiced potatoes

Paneer Kulcha 7
▸ exotic bread filled with homemade cheese and spices

Bread Basket 14
▸ combination of naan, garlic, onion and whole wheat


Mango Chutney (8oz)4

Onion Chutney (8oz)4

Tamarind Chutney (8oz)4

Mint Chutney (8oz)4


Raita (8oz)4
▸ Side dish of yogurt, cucumbers and carrots


Malai Rasmalai 6
▸ Cold soft poached cheese dumplings in a fragrant cardamom, milk syrup

Moong Dal Halwa 6
▸ Lentil pudding with clarified butter, milk, saffron and cardamom

Rice Pudding 6
▸ cardamom flavored & Garnish with nuts

Gulab Jamun 6
▸ Cheese ball fried and served in a warm saffron syrup with cardamom seeds

Kulfi Trio 8
▸ frozen reduced milk dessert choice of mango, chocolate, pistachio

Paan Ice Cream 6
▸ refreshing betel leaves ice cream with Indian flavors

Orange Kulfi 6


Mango Lassi 5

Sweet Lassi 5

Mint Lassi 6

Salted Lassi 5

Strawberry Smoothie 6

Soda 3

Mango Juice 4

Snapple 3

Our Chef makes all the entrée from Mild to Medium Spicy.
Please specify if you have any other preference and will be happy to serve you.